About YouNet E-commerce Intelligence (YouNet ECI)

YouNet Ecommerce Intelligence - YouNet ECI

YouNet ECI is the leading E-commerce Intelligence company for brands with advanced research services and the most granular data information platform in Vietnam.

Younet ECI helps brands to capture the speedy momentum of the e-commerce industry to identify important drivers such as growth rate of the category and its segments, assortment management, shifting from C2C to brand flagship stores or shifting among major platforms including TikTok, customers review, share gain/loss, search visibility. We provide the most comprehensive research service and analytic platform to enable brand/e-commerce management teams to build the competitive advantage in Ecommerce.

Our EcomHeat platform is the pioneer in Vietnam with comprehensive market data from category to brand, product, and SKU level to support in-depth analysis based on a combination of market analysis experience from retail audit with the largest and most trustworthy dataset (updated and processed regularly) of the e-commerce market. Our advanced technology in AI and Big Data can also help to track the visibility in search feature of major e-commerce platforms  like Lazada, Shopee, Tiki  and TikTok. 

Younet ECI also provides in-depth analysis and consulting services based on over 10 years of experience in social media information analysis to help brands capture and leverage information to make effective and timely e-commerce decisions. By these services, we are trusted partners for brands to connect the impact of social listening to the sales momentum in ecommerce. 

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Meet Out Team

Our mission is to empower brands to win digital commerce by data intelligence. 


Our vision is to be the trusted data intelligence partner for brands worldwide.


Mr. Hoa holds a Master in CIS from University of Houston Clear-Lake, U.S and has more than 15 years of experience within Marketing and Communication. He is specialized in developing social solutions and technology platforms, and he has an extensive vision, when it comes to applying technology and using data to bring benefits for Operations Management.

Nguyen Anh Hoa
CEO & Founder - YouNet Group

Lam, who has worked in Market Research for 10 years+, has a solid background in Retail sector and specializes in client consulting from multinational, regional/local giant, and Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs) clients. By offering category expertise and actionable recommendation, Lam can help clients succeed.

Nguyen Phuong Lam
Consulting Director - YouNet ECI